5 Easy Steps To Create Your Own Monetized Blog

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to make more money!  I have tried many different things, from selling on E-bay, drop-shipping, and transcription.  The latest venture is blogging! Recently, I have discovered that you can monetize a blog and it only takes a few simple steps. Since I am just starting this journey, I figured I would share how I set up my blog.

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For years, (seriously, like 7 years) I have saying that one day I will start a blog.  I had no idea how people made money from blogging, or that there were even such things as self-hosted blogs.  After doing some research, I have found that this means several things.  Setting up a free site on WordPress.com or Blogger.com is convenient, but all of your content is on their server.  This can limit bandwidth, memory space, and advertising options, which limit your ability to make money.

Free blogs are great if you are doing this as a hobby.  It is definitely a more professional look when you own your domain and don’t have their domain tacked onto yours.  (Example: www.theparentallychallenged.wordpress.com)

So if you are serious about blogging and looking to start a business, I would recommend a self-hosted platform.

There are several popular companies that offer storage space for self-hosted websites, like HostGator, Sitesound, and Bluehost.  I personally recommend going with Bluehost.  This is the company I am currently using and they have been very reliable so far.  They offer 24/7 support, so if you do run into issues you can get in touch with someone at any time.  When you purchase the web hosting the domain is free.  I think some of the other sites charge around $10 for a domain.  There is free themes and site builders, and WordPress is a 1-click install.

As I stated earlier, I chose Bluehost.  My blog was up and running in a matter of minutes.  Probably around 15 to be exact.  Below I am going to share the five steps I followed to monetize my blog.

  1. Before you do anything else, you have to come up with a name for your blog.  Think of what your niche will be and choose a name that you think represents yourself and your content.
  2. Choose your self-hosted platform.  They are very popular and only costs $3.95 per month to get started.   You will have a choice between three different plans, basic, plus, or prime.  I went with the basic plan, but if you know you will use the three-year plan then go for that one. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee!
  3. After you set up your account with Bluehost, you will do the 1-click install for WordPress.org.
  4. Select your theme.  There are many free themes.  And there are many that you can purchase.  Do whatever works for you and your page.
  5. Monetize!  Here are four ways that you can monetize your blog.  First, I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program.  Next, I made an account with Google Adsense.  They give you a code to put ads on your page.  The third way to make money is with sponsored ads.  Brands can reach out to you, or you can try to contact them.  I’ve seen several new bloggers get paid to do a sponsored post.  I can’t wait to do my first one.  The fourth way to make money is to sell items or crafts that you make.

As with anything, it takes some time and effort to grow your audience and get things rolling.

Social media is crucial for driving traffic to your page.  Pinterest seems to be very popular in the blogger community for not only sharing your posts, but also interacting with other bloggers.  I hope you’ve found this post useful and decide to take the plunge.  Maybe it won’t take you 7 long years, like me!

Good Luck!