Daily Prompt: Gorge

long walk home gorge

It was around 4:40 pm when my daughter burst through the front door.  She was dripping in sweat and the look on her face told me she had a rough day.

She stomped up the stairs and flung her book bag down on the floor.  Without speaking one word to me she went straight for the pantry.  This is pretty typical behavior from her lately, since she doesn’t like to eat her lunch at school.  The lunch period for freshman might be more like a social hour, from what I’ve heard.

My daughter plops down at the dining room table and begins to gorge herself with an overflowing bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, with a side of cheese doodles and a glass of apple juice.

“So, are you going to tell me about your day?” I finally asked.

Through her chomping of cereal, she managed to relay to me that she had gotten on the wrong bus.  After school there was a women’s choir meeting, so instead of taking her usual bus home, she opted for the late bus.  The only issue with that is there are multiple “late buses” and they go to different sections of town.

My poor, unfortunate daughter climbed aboard a bus that did not travel up our road.  So when she finally realized she was headed in the wrong direction, she alerted to bus driver and got off at the intersection.

Normally, she would just call me, since she does have possession of her own mobile device.  However, my lovely, dear, unprepared daughter used all of the battery life on her cell phone.  It was dead.  So her only option was to walk her happy butt home.

The walk from that intersection to our house is probably about 2 1/2 miles.  It took her close to 40 minutes to walk to the house.

By her dramatic rendition, you would assume she had just walked for days, through the most dangerous neighborhood and risked her life to make it safely back home.  She could have been kidnapped or attacked by a wild animal.

Sure.  She could have been, but she wasn’t.  She merely did something, that when I was her age, was quite common.  As a matter of fact, I walked to and from school everyday by myself.  Unscathed.

My lovely, dear daughter was a little more appreciative of her free bus ride home from school.  Maybe she will even remember to save a little battery life on her phone, so if she needs to make an emergency call, she can.  Wishful thinking.