Daily Prompt: Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo, Holiday Light Spectacular

The temperature has dropped drastically compared to the last few weeks.  The evenings drop into the 30’s while the afternoon barely hits 45 degrees.  Perfect time to plan a trip to the zoo.   Sounds crazy, but every year my family bundles up and drives almost an hour to the Turtle Back Zoo.

I have been going to this zoo since I was a kid.  My kids have been going here since they were babies.  If you can’t tell, I’m really into traditions. LOL

We also really love driving around to see Christmas lights.  Sometimes I think I enjoy it more than the kids do.  There is just something about driving through your neighborhood and seeing it all lit up.  We love it so much that I compiled a list of events in our area that we can go to all throughout December.  If you are in the NJ area and want to check out my list click here.

So back to the zoo.  They really have so much going on.  It is free to go in and walk around.  It is decorated with over 50 lighted animal and winter decorations. They have a train ride and a carousel, where I believe they do a picture with Santa.  The walk through also offers pony rides (not free), and you can feed some of the animals.

My husband’s favorite part is the food trucks.  Luckily, the food trucks make an appearance at a majority of these family events that we attend! I think last year we had empanadas.  They were so good.

The zoo is on our agenda again for this year.  No matter how many times we go, the kids are always excited to return.  We have a pretty decent list of zoo visits under our belts, from The Bronx Zoo all the way down to the National Zoo, in Washington D.C.

This year, we have added a few places that we want to do.  (They are listed on my link above).  We are definitely going to check out the Ice Caverns, in Fairfield.  It is a walk-through animated Christmas display.  I am extremely excited to check that place out.