DIY Slime Recipe Without Borax

diy slime recipe without borax

Everyone is talking about slime.  It is all over Youtube, and all over my house.  It comes in every color imagineable, with glitter or without.  Some can even glow in the dark.

Despite the fact that I really don’t like the stuff, I still find myself purchasing gallons of Elmer’s glue by the buttload.  Why you ask?  Because I’m a crazy lady and the kids seriously love making the slime more than just playing with it.  Just take a look at all of their concoctions!

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Colorful slime

After numerous attempts at getting the recipe just right, we have finally found the one.  It isn’t too sticky, which means it doesn’t get stuck in the carpet or on blankets.  And it doesn’t contain Borax.  Which isn’t exactly toxic, but it is still a chemical and I’d rather the kids didn’t have laundry soap soaking into their skin.

So, with four kids we skip right over those tiny 4 oz bottles of Elmer’s glue, and go right for the giant gallon size.  I will include the original Elmer’s recipe below, as well as our super-sized version.

Colored Slime (Small Batch)

You will need a bowl and measuring spoons.

4 fl oz of Elmer’s  glue

1/2 TBSP of Baking Soda

1 TBSP of Contact Lens Solution

Food Coloring 

First, empty the contents of the glue bottle into your bowl.

Next, sprinkle in your baking soda.

Third, mix in your color.  Add until you get the color you want.

Then, you are going to add in the Contact Lens Solution and mix until it begins to turn into slime.

Last, knead the slime in your hands.  If necessary, add more contact solution to make it less sticky.


Now if you want to make a larger batch like we do, start with 32 oz of glue, or about 1/4 of the gallon size.  Then we just multiply the other ingredients by 8.  So, it would look like this:

32 oz of Glue

4 TBSP of Baking Soda

8 TBSP of Contact Solution

As much food coloring as you want to achieve your desired color.

You’ll need a larger bowl for this batch, but you mix all of the ingredients the same way as the directions above.  The contact solution is also good for removing slime if it got onto anything.  I just spray it down and scrub.  Works like a charm.

With any project, it is always smart to supervise, especially with younger children.  The Elmer’s Recipe does not advise using this with children under 3 years old.  Here is a link back to their website where we got our inspiration.  Enjoy!