Gifts For Women Who Have Everything

gifts for women who have everything

It is down to the last week before Christmas, and I am still shopping.  I will probably be shopping down to the last minute because I am a huge procrastinator and I also happen to be incredibly indecisive.  Can you relate?  To help in my shopping adventures, I have put together a list of gifts for the women who have everything.

My biggest problem is shopping for my mother.  I can shop for children, my husband, even people I don’t know very well, and it doesn’t stress me out.  When it comes to my mother, I have absolutely no clue what to buy the woman who has everything.

Here we go…..

I don’t know if it is just my mom, but this lady spends an insane amount of time in the bathroom.  She likes to spend hours primping in front of the mirror.  Bath bombs, body oils, and skin care products are her favorite things to buy.  She seriously might even have an entire closet dedicated to these products.  Which is not an issue, since she loves to try new products and pass her extra stuff on to me. Every year I get her a few of the following items and put them in a cute bag or basket.

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  1. Body Oil – Who doesn’t like to moisturize their skin in the winter? And the fact that the packaging is gorgeous is a bonus!

2. Clinique Skincare Set – This comes with a cute cosmetic bag filled with some travel sized items.  The face wash, make up remover, serum, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara.  Super cute and a good deal.

3. Bath Bombs – 6 piece bath bomb set made with natural ingredients.  These are made with coconut oil and come in a really pretty bag.  The print on this packaging is pretty much the same style of decor throughout my mom’s house.  

4. Birdfeeder – A birdfeeder that hangs on the window! My mom would love to have this hanging on her kitchen window so she can watch the birds while she drinks her coffee.  The suction cups also make this look like a Mickey Mouse head, so I might need one of these for myself.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace– This would be a great gift for someone who already loves to use essential oils, or even someone just getting started. It comes with six colored diffuser pads, and three interchangeable inspirational charms, and a gift box.

6. Candles – This is my go to gift for pretty much everyone.  I have given candles to friends, teachers, secret santa gifts, etc. I really love the look of this candle below and it says Family, perfect for mom!  

7. Cozy Bathrobe – For those people who are always cold! Sometimes I wear my bathrobe around the house because even though the heat is up, I am still freezing.  It is kind of like wearing a cardigan, only fluffier!

8. Inspirational Bracelet– We gave a bracelet like this to my daughter’s teacher, because of all the people, she deserves a nice sentiment.  You can find these bracelets pretty much at any store, and with messages geared toward the gift receiver.9. Scalp Massager– Great gift for Mom, to help ease away all of those headaches that I give her!  Just kidding, I’m a peach.  This can be used on your head or neck to massage away the tension.  Who wouldn’t want one of these?

10. Roadside Emergency Kit– Let that someone special know you care by gifting them one of these handy dandy tools.  It breaks windows, cuts seatbelts, and even mounts to your dashboard for easy access.  But seriously, this would make a great gift for any driver, new or old. This is the type of thing that everyone needs, but never buys it for themselves.  It could be a lifesaver!

And if all else fails, there is always gift cards or cash.

I like to keep track of places that my loved ones frequent often, their favorite restaurants, movie theaters, or hair salon/barber.  This is truly a thoughtful way to let them know you love them.  I’m thinking about getting my mom a gift certificate to the salon, since she gets her hair done so often.  Money well spent and everyone is happy.

That’s all I have for this list for now.  Let me know what your go to gifts are.  I used to give my mom scarves every year, until I realized she doesn’t wear them and kept re-gifting them back to me.  Do you have parents that do this? LOL!