Why You Should Stop Using Toothpaste | DIY Toothpowder Recipe to Remineralize Your Teeth

DIY Remineralizing Tooth Powder, Heal Cavities, Why you should stop using toothpaste

When I say you should stop using toothpaste, I don’t mean you should stop brushing your teeth.  Oral hygiene is important to our overall health, and I found a healthier way to handle that task.  […]

How We Raise a Large Family on One Income

How to Raise a Large Family on One Income

If you are looking for tips on how to raise your family on one income, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a family of six and we have been living pretty well […]

Daily Prompt: Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo, Holiday Light Spectacular

The temperature has dropped drastically compared to the last few weeks.  The evenings drop into the 30’s while the afternoon barely hits 45 degrees.  Perfect time to plan a trip to the zoo.   Sounds crazy, but […]

15 Holiday Attractions and Christmas Light Shows Near New Jersey & NYC – Holiday Family Fun for FREE or CHEAP

christmas light shows and attractions in nj and nyc cheap or free

Are you looking for some spectacular Christmas lights?  I’ve got the perfect list of holiday attractions to get your family in the Christmas spirit.  I know many people are decorating earlier this year, and I […]

Teen Gift Guide: Top Gifts for 2017

teen gift guide 2017, teenagers, boys, girls gifts for teens

Hello! Welcome to my Teen Gift Guide for 2017.  All of the items on this list are straight from the minds of my wacky teenage daughters.  (Yes, two teenage girls and it is just as […]