Why You Should Stop Using Toothpaste | DIY Toothpowder Recipe to Remineralize Your Teeth

DIY Remineralizing Tooth Powder, Heal Cavities, Why you should stop using toothpaste

When I say you should stop using toothpaste, I don’t mean you should stop brushing your teeth.  Oral hygiene is important to our overall health, and I found a healthier way to handle that task.  With a little research and a simple tooth powder recipe, you can make a natural concoction that will remineralize your teeth (heal cavities!).

Today felt like a good day to write this post.  In the last week I have had my teeth cleaned, and just two days ago I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted.  I really should have had that done a few years ago, but sitting in the dentist chair is seriously a panic attack trigger.  There is nothing like feeling like your suffocating or having a heart attack while someone has their hands in your mouth.

But on to the important stuff.  After four pregnancies, my mouth was not in it’s best state.  Even with taking multi-vitamins and an extra vitamin D3 2000, I had some receding gums and while in my 30’s, my first two cavities.  I was mortified.  I brush and floss, but my teeth were still in sub par condition.  Being the DIY-er type of person that I am, I Googled how to fix my mouth at home.  And then I watched several YouTube videos.

What did I learn?

Did you know that you can heal cavities?  It is totally possible to reverse the decay happening in your teeth! I’m sure there is a point of no return with some damage, but with smaller cavities I know for a fact that it is possible.  I purchased a tooth powder a few months ago and used it everyday in place of my regular toothpaste.  Within days, I noticed a difference in my mouth.  My gums were no longer inflamed or bleeding.  The powder texture takes a little bit to get used to, especially since it doesn’t foam.  But holy moly, it feels so much cleaner!  My teeth felt smooth and clean, and stayed that way throughout the day.  I was amazed!

Apparently, the regular toothpaste I have been using has ingredients that are toxic, hence the warning to contact Poison Control if an abnormal amount is ingested.  The active ingredient in most toothpaste is Fluoride, in the form of Sodium Fluoride. It is said to strengthen teeth, but also can be harmful if ingested in a larger quantity.  I am no expert, but if something is highly toxic and can potentially affect my children’s IQ or their overall health, I am going to avoid it.  If you want to read more about what experts have to say about Fluoride, read this.

toothpaste ingredients, how to remineralize your teeth with tooth powder

Other ingredients may include, (your abrasives and detergents):

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate –  For foaming action! This is used in many personal care products, like shampoo. Although it is a very minimal amount in toothpaste, it has been linked to skin and eye irritation.  It is also toxic to your organs and can cause developmental problems.
  • Triclosan – This is used for its antibacterial properties, helping to fight gingivitis.  This also happens to be used as a pesticide, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

So, naturally, the only option to avoid poisoning myself and my children was to search for an alternative.  All natural tooth powder, made from clay!  The only drawback that I had was the price of the tiny container that I bought.  I think I paid around $20 for 2 oz of tooth powder.  It does last awhile since you only need to wet your brush and dip it into the powder.  That tiny container lasted a little less than a month.  So, $20 a month for tooth powder definitely was not happening.

What did I do next?

What I did next was exactly what most people would do.  I searched Google for a tooth powder recipe.  There were many options, but I compared the options with the ingredients in the one I had bought, and came up with something almost identical.  Since the ingredients are sold in a higher volume than it takes to make one batch, I have enough to make tooth powder for maybe the whole year!

I bought little cosmetic jars and gave the kids each their own individual jar.  We dump a little into the cap of the jar, wet our brush and dip it in.  Having separate jars just seems more sanitary, and besides that, there is no way in hell my daughter was going to share with my son.  Also, since this has all natural ingredients, it is safe for children, even if they swallow some.

Tooth Powder Recipe

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                                                                                   essential oil peppermintessential oil clove


I am not a professional or an expert, but I made a choice for myself and my family.  I opted for the remineralizing tooth powder initially because my youngest daughter had a small cavity, and the dentist chose not to fill it because it was small.  In the months between her visits for a cleaning we used the tooth powder daily, twice a day.  When she went back for her check up this past October, the cavity was gone!

As for myself, my mouth has not felt better.  My gums are healing and I finally had a dentist visit that didn’t leave me feeling down.  My gums are growing back into place and I no longer see blood when I brush.  I do however, replace my tooth-brush a little more often.  I buy a new one every month. Not a huge deal, especially when you factor in the benefits and the low-cost.

Like with anything else, be sure to talk to your healthcare professionals about your thoughts to make sure you are making changes that are right for you and your body.

It is not easy switching to a new routine, but I feel much better knowing that we are not putting chemicals into our personal hygiene products.  Do you have any natural personal care items that you use? Feel free to share them in the comments!


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  1. Interesting! I always thought it was impossible to grow back receding gums! I’m definitely going to try this, I have all the ingredients already! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My gums were in terrible shape! I wish I had taken before and after photos. When I switched to the tooth powder my gums were no longer inflamed or bleeding. Clove oil is supposed to be really good for the gums too. It definitely doesn’t happen over night, but I see a huge improvement.

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